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Thirteen-year-old Lane Jackson has just suffered an unimaginable tragedy: losing both her parents on 9/11. Now as she arrives in rural Tennessee to live with her grandparents, Lane wonders if she will ever fit in or heal from the horrific events of her past.


After taking a walk in the same woods her mother once loved, Lane stumbles upon what appears to be two intertwined trees. When she moves closer to inspect, Lane falls through a portal and into a magical world of fairies and dwarves, elves and dragons, and witches and wizards that she mistakenly believes is a place of perfection. Unfortunately, Wizard Fayleen, the creator of the beautiful forest, is weakening along with the forest.


Things quickly go from bad to worse when Witch Hazel, the wizard’s evil younger sister, awakens and threatens to vanquish Wizard Fayleen and the forest forever. Now Lane must decide if she will escape and never look back again, or stay to protect the land and its inhabitants by defeating Witch Hazel once and for all.